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Discover everything about our Luxury Water softeners

We strive to make sure that not only do we supply the best products but also the best experience which is why we offer free training to installers so they can fit our Luxury Water softeners with confidence. The customer receives all the benefits of Luxury Water and the peace of mind that our extensive warranties provide.

Our Product Champion, Steve Ansell, ensures that installers have a sound knowledge of our Luxury Water softeners and the science behind water softeners. Over two hours Steve explains what hard water is and how a water softener can combat it as well as the principles of installing a Luxury Water softener. Steve also tells installers how they can make the most out of Luxury Water softeners as a business opportunity including the benefits water softeners bring to the customer and their home.

Luxury Water softeners provide a number of benefits to the customer’s home. By preventing a build-up of limescale appliances run more efficiently saving energy and money. Soft water also allows detergents to work more efficiently which saves money and the lack of scale and scum on fittings and surfaces means the customer spends less time cleaning. Less detergents also means less waste going down the drain and into the water system, which is good for the environment.

Here at BWT we have a dedicated customer service team who can help our installers get the most out of Luxury Water and provide guidance and resources. Steve Ansell is also available to all our Best Water Professionals to help them ensure they provide the best service to their customers. We also offer at home commissioning saving the installer time and providing the customer with peace of mind.

Luxury Water softeners benefit the installer, the customer and the environment.

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