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Luxury Water softener is the small investment that makes appliances last longer

Protection for new kitchens and bathrooms.

There’s nothing quite like a new kitchen or bathroom and for many of us it will be one of the biggest investments that we will make for our home. The first step will be choosing the fittings and fixtures that will best serve our needs, our budget and our aesthetic taste. We will probably spend hours and hours picking out just the right taps and tiles so the next step it’s to keep them looking like new.

Once we've chosen the style of bathroom or kitchen we'd like, we'll need to start working out exactly how to protect our investment from hard water. That’s where Luxury Water comes in, with the installation of a Luxury Water softener we will enjoy unparalleled protection for our new kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring those shiny surfaces retain their sheen for longer keeping us happy with our investment long after the cost is forgotten.

Protections for appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

Not only does Luxury Water help keep fixtures, worktops and ceramics gleaming but it can save money too. With Luxury Water softeners, the water will be kinder to the skin and allow soap, shampoos and detergents to lather and rinse away more easily allowing us to select shorter wash cycles helping ensure our appliances work efficiently and last longer. The lack of limescale and scum not only reduces the strain on our washing machines but reduces the amount of cleaning products required and Luxury Water softeners means we will use up to 50% less shampoo, shower gel, cleaning products and detergents.

Luxury Water safeguards our skin and hair and protects household linens extending their life expectancy in some cases by 20 – 40%, not to mention making towels feel softer and fluffier.

Protection for our investments.

The good news is that with BWT, we can save money and enjoy peace of mind with their 5 year parts and 2 years labour warranty on all their Luxury Water softeners. BWT’s free at home commissioning, ensures you get the very best from your BWT Luxury Water softener. They are easy to install and specifically designed for UK homes and plumbing systems. Luxury Water is an ideal choice for protecting our kitchens and bathrooms and can be fitted with a minimum of fuss often in less than half a day. 

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