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Which Water Treatment is Best for your Home?

When it comes to protecting your home from limescale there are a number of different options for water treatment. Depending on the results you are looking for you can choose between water softening, water conditioning and scale inhibition.


Scale Inhibition and Water Conditioning


Scale Inhibitors like BWT’s Liff Limebeater and Limefighter don’t remove the minerals that cause limescale from the water. Instead they alter the physical properties of the minerals using electrolytic and magnetic technology. Deposits of limescale are reduced and the minerals can be easily washed away. This is a great solution for protecting boilers and hot water systems where limescale can reduce their efficiency. However these Scale Inhibitors don’t always offer whole house protection and some are better suited to protecting a single appliance. They also don’t soften the water.


Electronic Water Conditioners like the Wrappa from BWT use radio waves to help prevent scale from forming. These are the easiest to install as they are fitted to the outside of the pipe so no cutting required. Again these don’t always offer whole house protection so are better suited to protecting a single appliance like a boiler. They are also not water softeners.


The great thing about electronic, electrolytic and magnetic water conditioners is that they are maintenance free and don’t use any chemicals. However while they reduce the effects of limescale they do not prevent corrosion or soften the water. Chemical dosing is a solution that can help prevent corrosion and also offers whole house protection. BWT’s Combi-Care System works by introducing a very small amount of food grade polyphosphate into the water. This isolates the calcium in the water and prevents the build-up of scale. In soft water areas the Combi-Care also helps to inhibit corrosion. Although this system does chemically treat the water it does not soften it.


Water Softening


Water Softeners such as BWT’s range of Luxury Water Softeners use ion exchange technology to soften water. Each Water Softener contain millions of manmade resin beads that are negatively charged. This attracts sodium ions during the regeneration process. When water passes through the resin the hardness minerals are attracted to the beads and replace the sodium ions. This removes the limescale causing minerals from the water before it comes out of the tap. Water Softeners provide whole house protection from limescale and also offer all the benefits of softened water.


A 2017 survey revealed 25% of people felt hard water had a detrimental effect on their skin and hair. This is because one of the hardness minerals is calcium which can leach moisture. This may leave skin and hair looking duller and feeling dry. As Water Softeners remove the calcium they can help mitigate these effects. This also means that you may spend less on moisturisers and conditioners. Softened water isn’t just gentler on your skin and hair. Fabrics also benefit feeling softer to the touch and lasting longer. The cost of fabric softener is also reduced and you’ll still have fluffy towels.


BWT offer a range of water treatments for your home. Why not call us on 01494 838100 to find out which is best for you. You can also click Discover Luxury Water on the home page and follow the journey. We’re here to help you get the best out of your water.

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