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Save Time with Luxury Water

Boy in boat on water enjoying more free time thanks to Luxury Water from BWT

With Luxuxry Water from BWT you can spend less time cleaning and enjoy more free time.

Time is one of our most precious resources but we can often feel like we don’t have enough of it. What with work, seeing friends and looking after our families our lives can get pretty busy. It can be difficult to fit everything in and none of us wants to spend our precious time on cleaning. Luxury Water from BWT can help save you time cleaning so you can spend it enjoying yourself.


If you live in a hard water area, you may find limescale leaves your fittings and surfaces with unsightly smears. These can be difficult and time-consuming to remove and may involve using harsh chemicals. Installing a Luxury Water softener can put a stop to limescale before the water even comes out the tap. The technology behind this is simple but very smart.


Luxury Water softeners use ion exchange technology to remove the minerals that cause limescale from the water. They also feature smart water monitoring making them efficient and able to adapt to your lifestyle. All you have to worry about is keeping the softener topped up with salt.


Not only can a Luxury Water softener save you time cleaning it can also save you money. Hard water can prevent your shampoo and shower gel lathering as it should. This means you may end up using more than you would with softened water. Softened water can also mean you use less fabric conditioner and still have fluffy towels.


Installing a Luxury Water softener can also help keep protect your appliances from the damaging effects of limescale. This can help prevent breakdowns, saving you time waiting for someone to come and fix your washing machine. Installation is simple and because of the compact size, a Luxury Water softener can fit in most kitchen cupboards.


You can find out more about the benefits of a BWT softener by clicking “Discover Luxury Water” on our home page.


Spend time doing the things you love with Luxury Water.

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