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What You Should Know About Hard Water with Luxury Water from BWT

Softened water from Luxury Water by BWT

If you live in a hard water area you could benefit from Luxury Water. Enjoy softened water that is kinder to your skin and home.

Water is vital for all life on planet earth. It covers 71% of Earth’s surface be it in its liquid form or as ice. All the water on Earth has been present since the planet formed so dinosaurs drank the same water you drink. We think you’ll agree that’s pretty amazing. However, the water that reaches your home isn’t always as amazing as it could be.


If you live in a hard water area and don’t have a water softener then you’ve probably noticed limescale. The cause of limescale is the geological make-up of the ground that the water passes through. Rainwater is naturally soft but when it reaches the ground, it can pick up different minerals from the surrounding geology. If the ground is comprised of rocks like granite, the water will pick up little in the way of minerals. However, if the ground is chalk or limestone, which are easily eroded, the water will pick up a lot.


Chalk and limestone contain large amounts of calcium, which can leach into the water. Although calcium in the water is quite harmless to humans and animals, it can play havoc with your home. Calcium is the main cause of limescale, which is not only unsightly but can affect the efficiency of your appliances. That’s where BWT comes in.


Luxury Water from BWT can help protect your home from the effects of limescale. Luxury Water softeners use ion exchange to remove the minerals that cause limescale. The benefits of this include smear-free glass and worktops, shiny taps and fittings and efficient appliances. The WS range of Luxury Water softeners are compact enough to fit in most kitchen cupboards. You don’t have to sacrifice space to improve your water.


You can find out more about the benefits of a Luxury Water softener on Pippa Jameson Interiors blog. She noticed a difference and so can you.

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