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Spring Cleaning Tips with Luxury Water

Happy lady cleaning in a kitchen supplied with Luxury Water from BWT

Keep you surfaces shiny, sparkling and smear free with Luxury Water from BWT. Luxury Water could save you time and money when it comes to spring cleaning and throughout the year. Luxury Water can make your life easier.


It’s the time of year when you’re probably thinking about doing the Spring Cleaning. It can sometimes seem like a daunting task but fear not we have some tips to make it easier.


Time is valuable and you may not have an entire day to devote to cleaning the whole house. Rather than thinking about having an entire house to clean, break it down into rooms or tasks. That way it becomes much more manageable and a whole lot less daunting.


The first step is to declutter. Check the use-by dates on everything in the kitchen cupboards and fridge. Throw away anything that never gets used or is out of date. The same goes for products in the bathroom. While the cupboards and are empty, make sure to give the inside of them a thorough clean.


You can make space in your wardrobe by storing seldom used and winter clothes in vacuum storage bags. If you’re not sure which clothes don’t see much use there is a trick you can use to identify them. First, face all the hangers with clothes on them backwards. Once you’ve worn an item put it back in the wardrobe with the hanger facing forwards. After a month, you should have a good idea of which clothes aren’t being worn.


Remember to work from top to bottom; floors should always be the last thing you clean. Don’t forget about ceiling fixtures which can collect plenty of dust. An easy way to clean many of these is with the brush nozzle on your vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, it may be worth taking down the light shade to give it a thorough clean. Make sure the lights are switched off and use a sturdy ladder if you decide to do this.


If you live in a hard water area, there is one task that can be particularly difficult. Removing limescale from shower doors, ceramics and taps. As with most things, prevention is better than a cure and that’s where Luxury Water comes in. Fitting a BWT Luxury Water Softener prevents the build-up of limescale by removing the minerals responsible. Your fittings and glass will stay sparkly and you won’t have to spend extra time scrubbing.


We hope these tips help you with the Spring Cleaning. Remember with Luxury Water from BWT you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying yourself this Spring.


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