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Winter Skin Care

Tips for winter skin care from BWT Luxury Water

Look after your skin over winter with the tips bought to you by Luxury Water from BWT.

Winter can leave your skin feeling a bit drier than it did before, this is due to the drop in humidity and the wind picking up so it is important to take steps to protect your skin.

Oil based moisturisers help to create a protective layer that helps your skin retain its moisture. Look for oils that won’t clog your pores such as almond or avocado oil. Avoid using alcohol-based toners and harsh peels if your skin is dry, they will strip your skin of its natural oils. Choose cleansing milk and hydrating masks instead during winter.

You may not think that sunblock would be necessary in winter but the sun can still damage your skin which can lead to it feeling dry. Don’t forget to apply it to your hands as well. The skin on your hands is thinner than elsewhere on your body and does not secrete as much natural oil so make sure you keep them moisturised as well.

Don’t forget your feet, being cocooned in warm socks all day, and possibly all night depending on how cold it is, means they need a bit of extra care. Choose a lotion containing petroleum jelly or glycerine for maximum moisturisation.

Central heating makes your home very cosy but it also dries out the air. A humidifier can help keep the air in your home moist so you can keep warm without drying out your skin. A hot beverage is always a good way to stay warm and hydrated but why not give your skin a boost by trying something different to your usual cuppa. Chamomile, Green Tea and Rooibos all contain ingredients noted for fighting the damaging effects of the sun and soothing irritated skin.

A hot bath might seem like a great idea but the hotter the water the more it breaks down your skin’s lipid barrier. Stick to warm baths and if your skin has become dry and itchy add oats, the fats contained in them help provide a protective barrier and oat proteins are good for skin health. Put the oats in a muslin, or similar, bag and allow them to stew like a teabag. This will allow them to mix with the water while ensuring you won’t have to clean a lot of porridge out of the bath afterwards.

Speaking of baths, hard water can dry out your skin as the calcium carbonate absorbs oils breaking down your skin’s protective barrier. If you live in a hard water area, you can help prevent this by installing a Luxury Water softener. Through the process of ion exchange, the calcium carbonate is removed leaving lovely softened water, as an added bonus this will also help prevent limescale on your taps making cleaning easier. If you are unsure if your water is hard, click “Discover Luxury Water” on our home page and follow the journey to find out.

If your skin is still dry and/or itchy, consult your doctor as there are a number of skin conditions like eczema that require specialist treatment.

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