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The Benefits of a BWT Luxury Water Softener

Installing a Luxury Water Softener in your home brings a whole host of benefits including saving you time and money.

You have probably noticed how limescale can build up in your kettle and can leave your taps less than shiny but with Luxury Water you don’t have to worry. Using ion exchange, BWT Luxury water softeners remove the limescale causing minerals so taps and surfaces are scale, scum and smear free. This means you spend less time cleaning and spend less money on cleaning products, which is also beneficial to the environment. A Luxury Water Softener helps keep your appliances free from limescale so they keep running efficiently saving you money.

Your laundry can also benefit from Luxury Water which can make fabrics feel softer and extend the lives of your garments. No need to worry about your favourite jumper losing that soft to the touch feel. Washing your clothes in softened water also means you can use less detergent and fabric softener saving you money and helping to protect the environment. This also applies to washing your hair and skin. Softened water lathers more easily than hard water so you could use up to 50 % less shampoo and soap. Luxury Water can help keep your hair shiny and your skin soft all while saving you money. 

There is a whole range of our BWT Luxury Water Softeners to choose from so it is easy to find one to suit you and your home. We also offer at home commissioning as standard so you know that your softener, once installed, works perfectly. Luxury Water Softeners come with a 5 year parts and 2 year labour warranty so in the unlikely event there is a problem you can get it fixed without worrying about being out of pocket.

With Luxury Water you can help protect your home, your pocket and the environment.

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