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Softer Laundry with the BWT Luxury Water Softener

With the BWT Luxury Water Softener Enjoy Softer Laundry

he Luxury Water Softener from BWT is the perfect answer to all your laundry related troubles. Efficient and environmentally friendly, with Luxury Water feel the difference with softer clothes for you and your family.

Throughout the year, families go through a number of different clothes because the quality of clothes has reduced and they become unwearable. As a result, families will end up spending more money purchasing new clothes, thus being caught in an endless cycle of buy, wear, and throw away.

If you want to break away from the cycle then read on to learn how you can prolong the life of your favourite clothes, with the BWT Luxury Water Softener.  


Benefits of using Luxury Water:

Softer touch 

Hard water can leave your clothes feeling hard and rough. Majority of the time this happens because there is residue left behind. With the BWT Luxury Water Softener, detergents are rinsed away completely, leaving behind no residue. Softer, cuddlier and child friendly!


Brighter clothes 

Hard water can cause your clothes to fade out or become dull over a long period. With the BWT Luxury Water Softener, clothes keep their colour and stay looking fresh for longer. The longer clothes stay fresh, the longer you go without spending more money.


Save money

Families can reduce the amount of detergent they use because clothes washed in softened water usually require less detergent and fabric softener. Not only do you save money for yourself by not purchasing new clothes on a regular basis, but your family benefits too!


Wear your favourite clothes for longer

Giving up your favourite T-shirt is difficult but with Luxury Water, you do not have to! A BWT Luxury Water Softener reduces the ‘worn out’ look many clothes eventually get, leaving your laundry looking and feeling brand new for longer.


With BWT’s Luxury Water Softener, laundry related troubles become a thing of the past. Your laundry deserves the special attention – do not miss out on saving money and having clothes last longer for you and your family!  With soft water you can also enjoy many other benefits such as softer skin, shinier hair and a relaxing bath

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