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Get Soft Summer Skin

When the weather heats up it’s essential to drink enough water to stay hydrated. However, it’s not just your body that gets dehydrated, it’s important to protect your skin from dehydration as well. So how can you tell if your skin is dehydrated?

Firstly, it’s not easy to distinguish dry skin from dehydrated skin (you can read about this on the The International Dermal Institute website). Dry skin does not lack water but lipids. The protective film (the hydrolipid film) is no longer able to produce enough sebum to maintain its barrier function and to fight against external aggressions. On the contrary, when you lack water your skin can become dehydrated, a problem that can affect all types of skins (oily, dry or a combination). There are a number of culprits that can cause dehydrated skin including ageing, environment and lifestyle.

As a person ages the sebaceous gland activity tends to decrease which means that the skin will produce less of the oils that help to keep the skin protected. The skin’s ability to regenerate lipids which form a protective barrier also tends to decline.

What makes skin dry or dehydrated in your environment?

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes the water in the skin to evaporate and can also cause sunburn which damages the skin and dries it out. Air conditioning can also dry out the skin and contribute to premature ageing; this is especially apparent when travelling on a plane. The skin of the face is the most sensitive place on the body, so using the best face wash is essential. Cleaning your face and other parts of your body with hard water can leave trace elements on your skin which can be a contributory factor in it to become dehydrated. 

And in your lifestyle?

Excessive intake of alcohol can deprive the body of vital nutrients which in turn can contribute to dehydrated skin. Caffeine can also have a diuretic effect dehydrating not just your skin but your whole body. An absence of Essential Fatty Acids can also result in the skin becoming more prone to dehydration.  

If your skin is dehydrated, Eminence Organic Skin Care says that you may notice that it becomes itchy, this is because the outer layer of your skin is lacking in moisture. You may also notice that your skin becomes more sensitive and takes on a dull appearance. 

There are a number of ways you can combat skin dehydration. First make sure you drink water regularly, ensure you have access to a source of fresh drinking water at home and at work. You can protect yourself while out in the sun by covering up and wearing sunblock. If you are in a room with air conditioning place a bowl of water on a table to release moisture into the air. 

Soft water tends to be kinder to the skin and doesn’t wash away the vital oils that that help protect it. If you don’t live in a soft water area you can have a Luxury Water softener installed that will help make the water gentler on your skin. Add BWT to the brands you trust to look after your skin. You can find a BWT installer on our Luxury Water website.

Enjoy the summer and enjoy the natural skin you’re in.

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